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Customize users in the Microsoft 365 admin center

1. Click “Show all” so that everything is visible

1. Click on active users, the user overview is displayed
2. Add user
3. User Information

Account section (green)

  1. 1. Here the password can be reset, the login can be blocked or the user can be deleted using the three dots
  2. 2. Admin access can be granted here
  3. 3. The user’s contact information can be adjusted here

Licenses section (green)
1. Here you can check the appropriate license
2. Save afterwards

Email section (green)
1. Under Mailbox Permission, people can be specified who can access the mailbox and send from this mailbox. (deputy)
2. Configure automatic response, e.g. vacation absences

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Published on - 24. Jan 2022
Modified on - 28. Mar 2024
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