Microsoft Exchange is more than just an e-mail solution, because it offers a diverse range of tools to better structure and organize your daily work. In addition, with its team functions, it makes collaboration and communication in the team much easier.

On top of that, there is also the fact that it can be used with the other cloud services from Microsoft, such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and many more. perfectly harmonized and easy to integrate.

Microsoft Exchange has the following great features:

Active Sync

With Active Sync, you can access all of your applications from Outlook Web App, Microsoft Outlook, or your mobile devices. No matter where you are. Your e-mails, documents, calendar and contacts are regularly synchronized so that you are connected to your team in real time from anywhere in the world and can (continue) working together.

Security & Compliance

With Microsoft Exchange you get a secure cloud solution because spam and virus filters are integrated at the same time.

Tasks & Calendar.

You and your team can easily assign tasks to the relevant colleague and can thus organize and plan all project processes in the team. This function provides an overview of the current project situation and shows the joint progress.

You can enter all appointments and meetings in your own calendar and thus keep track of your upcoming appointments. You can use the sharing function to share the calendar with your colleagues or your team and vice versa – so you can better plan the tasks for you and your team.

Address book & contacts.

Microsoft Exchange offers two options for storing contacts. You can save your contacts in the personal address book and save important business contacts in the global address book, to which all employees of your company have access.

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