Why you should use customer ratings:

Changed consumer behavior

85 percent of all consumers trust online reviews as well as personal recommendations; 89 percent even check personal recommendations from friends and compare them with reviews on the Internet. The recommendation remains the silver bullet, but the framework in which it is given and “heard” has changed: It is recommended today on the Internet – in the form of customer feedback and ratings.

More reach and visibility

Compared to classic word of mouth, reviews and recommendations work more effectively on the Internet because they reach significantly more potential customers here. And: Those who cannot be found on Google today practically do not exist. Make your performance transparent with online reviews. This increases the reach of your recommendations and makes it easier for customers to find them on the Internet.

Strengthening customer loyalty

Invite your customers for feedback. In this way, you strengthen the bond with your existing customers and show that you live customer orientation and incorporate it into your day-to-day business.

Competitive factor

Although most consumers today use rating portals for information, many service providers still underestimate the importance of customer ratings. With customer feedback you are one step ahead of your competition and make your customers allies when it comes to acquiring new customers.

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