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Fixing connection problems with an Apple Wireless Keyboard

  • Press and hold the on/off switch of the keyboard for at least 3 seconds to switch off the keyboard
  • Click on the Bluetooth symbol in the menu bar and open the Bluetooth system settings
  • Press the on/off switch and DO NOT release it. Simply press and hold the button until the next steps have been successfully completed.
  • The setup wizard will now find the keyboard … Continue to hold down the button and click on the menu item for the keyboard found / or on Connect.
  • You will then be asked for the pairing code, which you enter and confirm with Enter.
  • Wait briefly until the connection has actually been established.

The important thing is NOT to let go of the button as long as you are pairing.

Source and further information: http://davemeehan.com/technology/how-to-reset-an-apple-wireless-bluetooth-keyboard-mouse-or-trackpad

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Published on - 1. May 2020
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