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Microsoft Copilot January update

The Microsoft Copilot update released in January brought significant improvements that make everyday work easier. With new features such as automated formatting of tables and linguistic optimization of emails, this digital assistant aims to increase your productivity and allow you to work more efficiently without going into too much detail.


Reuse formatted tables: Copilot makes working with Word documents easier by seamlessly transferring the formatting of an already created table to other tables. This saves time and ensures a professional appearance of the documents.

Email coach: In email correspondence, the co-pilot provides support with linguistic optimization suggestions to improve the clarity and comprehensibility of the text, which increases the likelihood of successful communication.

Visualization of your data: In Excel, Copilot can automatically create meaningful charts from complex data sets, e.g. “Create a chart showing the profit margin for each product category over the last three years”. This helps to quickly capture important business insights.

Summarize your notes: Copilot simplifies the management of information in OneNote by efficiently summarizing handwritten or audio-recorded notes, making it easier to access key information.

Copilot during meetings: For enterprise users, Copilot can discreetly capture notes or create to-do lists in Microsoft Teams meetings, even without an active transcription feature, increasing meeting follow-up efficiency.

Merging information: For business owners, Copilot’s ability to create summaries from multiple documents is especially valuable. This makes it easier to consolidate information and make decisions.

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Published on - 1. Mar 2024
Modified on - 27. Mar 2024
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