In the dynamic world of web design, Olbricht IT, an innovative start-up from the IT sector, stands for a targeted and efficient approach. When developing WordPress websites, Olbricht IT places particular emphasis on the use of minimal but powerful plugins, with the Divi theme playing a central role. But why is it so important to reduce the number of plugins on a WordPress website?

Speed and performance

Every additional plugin can affect the loading speed of a website. Olbricht IT understands that a fast website is essential to improve user experience and strengthen search engine optimization (SEO). With Divi, we offer an optimized and fast solution that does not require numerous additional plug-ins.


More plugins mean more potential security vulnerabilities. As WordPress experts and Divi partners, we at Olbricht IT make sure to maximize the security of your website by limiting the number of plugins and only using trusted and regularly updated add-ons.

Easier maintenance and updates

Having fewer plugins simplifies the maintenance process. Updates can be carried out faster and more efficiently, ensuring that the website is always up to date. As a Divi partner, we rely on a tool that allows us to implement updates seamlessly and without major downtime.

Divi – An all-in-one solution

Divi is not just a theme, it is a complete page builder that offers flexibility and a variety of customization options. With Divi, Olbricht IT can create appealing and highly functional websites without having to rely on numerous plugins.

At Olbricht IT, we not only offer first-class web design with Divi, but also optimized WordPress hosting. Our hosting is specially designed to ensure the best possible performance for WordPress websites. With our comprehensive expertise in the WordPress sector, we offer customized solutions that are perfectly tailored to our customers’ needs.

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