Do you want your website to be secure, fast and state-of-the-art? Then an upgrade to PHP 8.2 is just the thing for you! Why? Here are the reasons:

Performance improvements

PHP 8.2 not only brings improvements in performance, but also in functionality. Your website will be faster, more efficient and more modern.

Advanced security

The security updates in PHP 8.2 are essential to protect your website from hacker attacks. By closing security gaps and complying with new standards, your data is safe.

New functions

PHP 8.2 brings new functions that make work easier. One example is the labeling of sensitive data to prevent it from being accidentally passed on – a must for platforms such as WordPress.

Upgrade effort

Wondering how time-consuming the upgrade is? It’s easier than you think! A quick code check is usually enough and the upgrade is completed in less than half an hour.


At Olbricht IT we do not charge any monthly upgrade costs (php-extended support). We only charge for the actual work involved, whereby the costs are approx. 1 hour depending on the complexity of your website (hourly rate 105€ per hour plus VAT).


An upgrade to PHP 8.2 is worthwhile in many respects. It improves the performance, security and functionality of your website. Contact us for a quick and efficient update!

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