Microsoft Lists is an advanced solution for anyone who wants to efficiently manage and organize structured information. With the latest update, Microsoft is taking the user experience to a new level by revising and improving the form function in Microsoft Lists. These innovations bring a variety of advantages over traditional SharePoint lists, especially when it comes to accessibility, usability and personalization.

Easy access without special authorizations

One of the main features of the new form function is the ability to use list forms without having to have special authorizations in SharePoint. This means that you can now create and edit lists and forms without having to rely on the help of an administrator. This change makes Microsoft Lists particularly attractive for teams who want to capture and organize data quickly and easily.

Modern look and intuitive design

Edit a NEW form for lists

The revised forms in Microsoft Lists are characterized by a modern, user-friendly design. Compared to SharePoint lists, which are often perceived as bulky, the new Lists forms offer a clear, appealing user interface that makes filling out and editing data a breeze.

This new look not only helps with the aesthetic enhancement of your lists, but also improves the overall experience for all users.

Further advantages and functions

In addition to the new features mentioned above, Microsoft Lists offers a number of other advantages and functions:

  • Integrated automation options: Use Microsoft Power Automate directly in Lists to automate repetitive tasks and increase process efficiency.
  • Better integration into the Microsoft 365 world: Lists works seamlessly with other Microsoft applications such as Teams and Excel, simplifying data management and collaboration.
  • Advanced personalization options: Customize forms further by creating custom views, applying special filters and even choosing individual color schemes.
  • Flexibility: You can create multiple forms for the same list to meet different requirements.

Unfortunately, there are still small obstacles

  1. Availability: The new interface is only available in the Microsoft List app, not in SharePoint directly.
  2. Restrictions: This is a form for new entries, not for editing existing elements.
  3. Rules & JSON code: Extension with custom code (JSON) is not possible here. It is also not possible to show certain fields with rules.

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