The English term governance stands for responsibility in IT. The main goal of IT governance is to understand the requirements for IT as well as the strategic importance of IT from the perspective of the core and management processes in the company, in order to ensure optimal operation to achieve corporate goals and to develop strategies for the future expansion of business operations create. IT governance aims to ensure that IT expectations are known and that IT is able to meet these expectations. In doing so, possible risks are to be mitigated.

Office 365 Governance

We define OPERATIONAL GOVERNANCE as the process of developing, implementing and enforcing and enforcement of guidelines for how IT applications contribute to business success,

particularly with regard to controlling user behaviour and minimizing risks. of risks.

Within a functioning governance framework, the administration of applications is precisely applications is precisely defined and chains of responsibility, authorization and communication are

and corresponding measurement and control mechanisms are in place.

This is particularly important for Office 365 and SharePoint, which provide their users with powerful

functions available. The value of operational governance results from this,

that users can access these powerful functions, but also from the

Existence of risk control mechanisms.

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