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Installing the new Microsoft Teams on macOS – A guide from Olbricht IT

Would you like to install the new Microsoft Teams on your Mac and use the latest features? No problem, Olbricht IT is here to help you. Follow these simple steps to install the new Teams on your macOS:

Download the installation file

Visit the following link to download the latest version of Microsoft Teams: MicrosoftTeams.pkg.
This is the official source to ensure you get the latest and most secure version.

Installation process

Open the downloaded .pkg file. An installation wizard will guide you through the process. You may need to enter your administrator password to authorize the installation.


After installation, start Microsoft Teams. Sign in with your Microsoft account or create a new one if you don’t already have one.

Exploring the new team

Once you are logged in, you can explore the new features of Microsoft Teams on your Mac. The new version offers an improved user interface, more efficient collaboration and enhanced security functions.

Differences to the old version

The new Microsoft Teams brings some significant changes and improvements compared to the old version:

  • Improved user interface: A more modern and intuitive design that makes navigation and collaboration easier.
  • Advanced security features: Additional security settings and compliance options ensure a safe and secure workspace.
  • Better integration: Closer integration with other Microsoft 365 products improves collaboration and productivity.
  • Optimized performance: The new version runs more smoothly and is more reliable, especially during video calls and meetings.

Support from Olbricht IT

Do you need help with the installation or do you have questions about using Microsoft Teams on your Mac? Olbricht IT is at your side with help and advice. Just contact us and we’ll help you get the most out of your Teams experience.


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