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OneDrive does not synchronize on the Mac

If OneDrive causes problems on the Mac and does not synchronize properly, the following can help:

Exit OneDrive and restart the Mac

Quitting OnDrive is usually the easiest way. (Select the cloud icon in the top taskbar, then Settings > Exit OneDrive ).
Restarting the Mac has also often provided a remedy.

Remove DS_Store files

Corrupted .DS_Store files can prevent OneDrive from synchronizing correctly. By deleting the corrupted files, the normal synchronization process can be restored.

No data is lost when deleting damaged files!

  1. To delete a corrupt .DS_Store file, you must Terminal. app use. Note: You must be logged in to macOS as an administrator.
    1. Open a new Finder window and navigate to the Applications folder on the left-hand side.
    2. Open the Programs folder service and then double-click on the terminal application.
  2. Give yourself superuser authorizations (root) in Terminal so that you can use the commands required to delete .DS_Store files.
    1. Enter the following in the terminal: “sudo ls”
    2. If Terminal prompts you to enter a password, enter the password for your administrator account. If you do not have a password, leave it blank. Note: For security reasons, macOS does not display a character when you enter your password. Simply enter as normal, even if nothing is displayed.
  3. Navigate to the folder that is not synchronized properly.
    1. In Terminal, enter “cd” followed by a space.
    2. Search for the folder with the problem, but do not open it. Instead, drag the icon into Terminal and watch it complete the path for you, then press ENTER.
  4. Remove the .DS_Store folder and all of its contents.caution: Make sure you delete the correct folder.type “rm -f .DS_Store” and press ENTER. Note: Terminal will not indicate that this is complete. A message is only returned if the command did not work.

Reset OneDrive

  1. Exit OneDrive. (Select the cloud icon in the top taskbar, then Settings > Exit OneDrive ).
  2. Locate the OneDrive subfolder in your Applications folder.
  3. Right-click on OneDrive and select Show package contents.
  4. Navigate to the folder Content > Resources.
  5. Double-click ResetOneDriveApp.command (or ResetOneDriveAppStandalone.command if you are using the standalone app).
  6. Start OneDrive and complete the setup process.

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