Welcome back to the Olbricht IT blog! Today we compare Exchange Online with Mail Basic from IONOS to show you why Exchange Online in partnership with Olbricht IT is the superior choice for your business.

Integration and productivity

Exchange Online: As part of Microsoft 365, it offers seamless integration with Microsoft applications, boosting your team’s productivity and collaboration.

Mail Basic: Although it offers basic email functionality, it lacks the deep integration with productivity and collaboration tools that are essential in the modern business world.

Functions and flexibility

Exchange Online: Provides advanced features such as calendar management, task management and compliance tools. It is highly customizable and scales with the needs of your business.

Mail Basic: Limited to basic e-mail functions. There is a lack of advanced tools required for efficient time and contact management.

Security and compliance

Email security with Exchange Online

Exchange Online: Provides robust security features and compliance management, which is critical for organizations working with sensitive data.

Mail Basic: While it offers basic security features, it often lacks the advanced security and compliance options available in Exchange Online.

SPAM security

Exchange Online offers several advantages in terms of protection against spam and other unwanted emails. These benefits are particularly important for business customers, as spam is not only annoying, but also poses security risks and can affect productivity. Here are some of the key features that Exchange Online offers in terms of spam protection:

  1. Advanced spam filtering: Exchange Online uses advanced spam detection technologies that are regularly updated to keep up with the latest spam trends. These filters are more effective at identifying and isolating spam emails.
  2. Customizable filter rules: Companies can set up specific filter rules to meet their individual requirements. This allows finer control over which emails should be marked as spam.
  3. Integration with Microsoft Defender for Office 365: For organizations that need additional protection, Exchange Online offers integration with Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (formerly Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection). This service offers advanced protection against phishing, malware and other advanced threats.
  4. Secure default configurations: Exchange Online is configured by default to provide a high level of protection against spam and malware. This reduces the risk of users inadvertently opening malicious emails.
  5. Regular updates and maintenance: As Exchange Online is a cloud service, users benefit from continuous updates and improvements in the area of security, including spam protection.
  6. Reports and analytics: Administrators have access to detailed reports and analytics on email traffic, which helps to identify patterns in spam and respond accordingly.
  7. Ease of use: In addition to server-level protection, Exchange Online also provides tools that allow end users to mark emails as spam or define safe senders, making the system more adaptive and effective over time.

Overall, Exchange Online offers more comprehensive and effective protection against spam compared to many basic email services, which can be an important factor for companies that rely on secure and efficient email communication.

Reliability and availability

Exchange Online: Guarantees high availability and reliability, which is crucial for business customers who rely on constant email availability.

Mail Basic: Can lag behind Exchange Online in terms of availability and reliability, which can be a risk for business-critical operations.

Ease of use and setup

Another key advantage of Exchange Online that we would like to emphasize in our comparison is its ease of use and simple setup on different devices.

Ease of use: Exchange Online is known for its intuitive user interface and ease of use. Integration with Microsoft 365 means that many users are already familiar with the interface and functions, which significantly reduces the training period. Seamless integration with other Microsoft products such as Outlook, Teams and Office applications ensures a coherent and efficient user experience.

Setup on different devices: One of the biggest advantages of Exchange Online is the ease with which it can be set up on a variety of devices. Whether it’s PCs, Macs, tablets or smartphones, the setup is straightforward. Exchange Online supports both iOS and Android, which means that employees can seamlessly synchronize their emails, calendars and contacts across all their devices. This is particularly important in a working world that is becoming increasingly mobile and flexible.

Automatic configuration: Many devices recognize Exchange Online automatically, making setup a simple process. In most cases, users only need to enter their e-mail address and password and the configuration is done automatically. This saves time and reduces the need for extensive IT support.

Access from anywhere: With Exchange Online, your employees have the freedom to work from anywhere. They can access their emails, calendars and contacts wherever they are, as long as they have an Internet connection. This promotes a flexible working environment and supports the concept of mobile working.


Cost comparison

Exchange Online: While the initial cost may be higher than Mail Basic, the additional features, security and scalability make the investment worthwhile. A particular advantage of Exchange Online is the ability to use shared mailboxes at no additional cost. This provides a cost-effective solution for teams that need shared access to email addresses, such as info@ or support@ addresses. With Olbricht IT, you can benefit from special rates that are tailored to your company.

Mail Basic: Cheaper to buy, but the limited features and lower scalability can cost more in the long run, especially as your business grows and develops. The option of using shared mailboxes at no additional cost is not available with Mail Basic, which can lead to higher overall costs if several mailboxes are required.

Overall, Exchange Online combined with Olbricht IT’s expertise provides a more comprehensive, secure and scalable solution that grows with your business. The initially higher costs are more than offset by improved efficiency, security and functionality, as well as the free use of shared mailboxes.

Comparison table: Exchange Online (Plan 1) vs. Mail Basic

Feature/function Exchange Online (Plan 1) Mail Basic
Storage space per mailbox 50 GB 2 GB
Shared mailboxes Free of charge Not available
Integration in Microsoft 365 Yes No
Security functions Extended security Basic security
Availability 99.9% SLA Standard
Support 24/7 Standard
Mobile app and web access Yes Yes
Costs per user mailbox/month 3,70 € 1,50 €
Costs for 3 user mailboxes/year 133,20 € 54,00 €
Costs for 2 shared mailboxes/year 0,00 € (free of charge) Not available

Total costs for 3 user mailboxes and 2 shared mailboxes per year

  • Exchange Online (Plan 1): 133.20 € (as shared mailboxes are free of charge)
  • Mail Basic: Approx. 54.00 € + additional costs for alternative solutions for shared mailboxes, as these are not directly available.


Exchange Online (Plan 1) offers significantly more storage space, better integration with Microsoft 365, enhanced security features and the ability to use shared mailboxes at no additional cost. Although the cost of Exchange Online is higher, it offers greater value overall, especially when you consider the free shared mailboxes. Mail Basic is cheaper, but offers fewer functions and no direct support for shared mailboxes.


Support from Olbricht IT

With Olbricht IT, you not only get a powerful e-mail solution in the form of Exchange Online, but also comprehensive support and advice to ensure that your IT infrastructure is optimally tailored to your business needs.


While Mail Basic can be an acceptable solution for smaller companies or start-ups, Exchange Online combined with the expertise of Olbricht IT offers a more comprehensive, secure and scalable solution that will grow with your business. The initially higher costs are more than offset by improved efficiency, safety and functionality.

Ready to switch to Exchange Online with Olbricht IT? Contact us for a customized solution that will move your business forward.

For more information and updates, visit us at noprob.olbricht.it. We look forward to supporting you and your company!

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