A call-to-action (abbreviated to “CTA”) is a request for action to generate a desired action/reaction from the user. These CTAs appear in various forms: for example, on websites there could be a button with the inscription “Test now for 30 days free of charge”, which prompts the user to click the button to start the trial month. When Youtubers say the words “please like, comment and subscribe” Youtubers, this is also a call to action, because the viewer is given specific (simple) requests to take action.

(Possible) goals of a call-to-action

It does not necessarily always have to be about buying or selling a product, but call-to-actions can have any type of lead as their goal. So here are a few examples of the desired actions for which call-to-actions are also used.

  • Leave a Comment
  • like
  • follow
  • subscribe
  • register
  • register
  • Call
  • Enter your e-mail address
  • download
  • Test (free of charge)

Possible applications and areas of use

CTAs can be found in all areas of marketing, so here are the areas in which CTAs are most frequently used.

  • on a website
  • on a landing page
  • in E-Mails
  • in Meta-Descriptions
  • in any form of advertising (print, TV, online, SEA, radio, etc.)

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