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The keyword on the website really has to be here!

#1 SEO Tips.
Keywords here, keywords there and the search engine optimization is done?

Unfortunately it’s not that easy. Giving Google the keywords for the site hasn’t worked for a number of years and placing the keyword 100 times invisibly on the site can even lead to penalties.

Nevertheless, you have to make it clear to Google for which keyword a certain page should be ranked. In order for it to work, you should use the keyword in the following positions on the page:

✔ Page Title and Meta Title
✔ Meta Description
✔ H1 heading
✔ In the first paragraph
✔ Alt attribute of the first image

In addition, the keyword and related terms should appear to a normal extent in the other headings and body text.

Basically, a single page should be created for each keyword.

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Published on - 7. Mar 2023
Modified on - 27. Mar 2024
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