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Use Microsoft Teams as a company for free

now there is Teams also as a free version without time limit (only directly via Microsoft):

Free Teams for small businesses

Use Microsoft Teams as a central place for chats, meetings and collaboration – even when on the go. At no cost to you!


The restrictions to be observed are:

Unlimited group meetings up to 60 minutesUp to 100 participants per meeting5 GB cloud storage per userUnlimited chatting with colleagues and customersFile sharing, tasks and pollsData encryption for meetings, chats, calls and files

Here are the differences to the “normal” team:


Here is how customers can activate free Teams:


If the customer wants to upgrade the free version to the full version, the following restrictions apply:

You cannot switch back to Teams Free (classic) after upgrading. You can’t merge multiple free (classic) Teams tenants into a single paid tenant. All users must be in the same domain. (All users will receive a login in the format username@domain.com.) All users must be upgraded: Mixing Free (classic) and paid subscription users in the same tenant is not supported.


Dieser Beitrag ist auch verfügbar auf: Deutsch (German)

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Published on - 17. Jan 2023
Modified on - 27. Mar 2024
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