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Ubiquiti WiFiman app generates WLAN card via camera

The network equipment supplier Ubiquiti has updated its WiFiman app. In addition to bug fixes and improvements, the integrated signal mapper is now able to display the signal strength on an automatically generated floor plan when a UniFi Dream Machine is present.

The “Floor Plan” function extends the option for measuring the signal strength of UniFi networks, which has been available since the summer, with the option of displaying the measurement results visually on a floor plan of the apartment – all you have to do is walk around the apartment once with the camera open. Existing optimization potential can then be identified quickly and easily.

WiFiman is free of charge and works with basic functions regardless of the manufacturer of the WLAN hardware used. However, advanced functions such as signal measurement and mapping are reserved for UniFi networks. Ubiquiti has established itself as a provider of professional WLAN hardware at reasonable prices made a name for itself.

It is generally advisable to take a look at the products offered by the various manufacturers. AVM has the FRITZ!App WLAN at the start for this purpose, for example.

Note: Based on the app description, we originally assumed that the function was available in all UniFi networks. As it turns out, however, a Dream Machine is also required.

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Published on - 29. Dec 2021
Modified on - 28. Mar 2024
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