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What is a PowerApps collection?

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What is a PowerApps collection? 042

A collection means a group of elements or an array. A Powerapps collection means that it is an array...

Translate PowerApp | Multilingual app with Microsoft Translater 048

The Microsoft Translater service makes it possible to automatically translate text in a PowerApp. The following steps are necessary:

PowerApps: Check whether Edit-Mode or New-Mode is active 041

The following command can be used to check the mode of a new form or a form in edit...

PowerApps: People fields, multi-selection, display names in a gallery 039

The following function helps with the multiselect fields. The Concat function concatenates several elements into one text entry. ...

PowerApps Display currency field incl. Euro sign 047

If you want the euro sign to appear after the number, use this formula. You must adjust the default...

PowerApps and the thousands separator 045

… The thousands separator is displayed with the following function adjustment:

Display percentage value from SharePoint list in Powerapps 041

Unfortunately, percentage values from a SharePoint list are not displayed as a percentage value in Powerapps. But if you...

Using fabric icons in PowerApps 043

There is a great tool here that allows you to use the Office Fabric icons in PowerApps: ...

Default Value Look Up Field – PowerApps – SharePoint 043

It is not possible to filter a LookUp field in PowerApps. To make this possible anyway, we use the...

PowerApps – Date selection – Start on Monday 039

So that the date selection starts with the weekday Monday, the following property must be changed in the DataCardValue:...


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