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Dataverse read permission for a Power BI report 0235

If you use dataverse data in a Power BI report, a reader of the report also needs read permissions on...

Connect Facebook data with Power BI 043

Integration of Facebook with Power BI To integrate Facebook data with Power BI, the user must have a Facebook account,...

Power BI – Deactivate date hierarchy 042

The automatic date hierarchy in Power BI can sometimes interfere with the chronological display of data. You can deactivate the...

Power BI Lookup/VLOOKUP 047

SUSTAINABILITY in Power BI Apart from the importance of VLOOKUP function, we can use the same function in Power BI....

Tips for visualization in Power BI 045

In this collection you will find many tips and tricks for your Power BI reports.

Power BI – move the local Excel file to OneDrive or SharePoint 047

If you use an Excel file as a source in Power BI, it is usually connected locally. Now you cannot...

Show address, zip code and city in PowerBI on a map 041

If your location is not displayed, it may help to categorize the data as an address.

Replace error or error in PowerBI 041

To replace any error values in PowerBI, you can use this function by right-clicking in a column: You can then...

Compose addresses from street, city and postal code in PowerBI 048

So that address data from e.g. SharePoint can be displayed on a map in PowerBi, you must compile the data...

Display PowerBI parameters in the report 039

To display a defined parameter in a report, you must activate loading:

Display multiple selection from SharePoint in PowerBI 038

We’ll post our own experience soon… Until then, this source will help: https://whitepages.unlimitedviz.com/2018/01/using-power-bi-to-report-on-multi-value-sharepoint-fields/

Time zone problem with SharePoint data in PowerBI report 042

The easiest way is to add an additional column with the “local time”. First the affected column as time incl....

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