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Microsoft Teams webinars – Everything you need to know

How do Microsoft Teams webinars differ from a normal Microsoft Teams meeting?

Normal meetings generally involve a lot of back and forth conversation between participants: Discussions, sharing, assigning and accepting tasks, planning and possibly reaching consensus.

Webinars, on the other hand, are more controlled and the participants have clear roles: One or more experts (the presenters) share their ideas or provide training to an audience (the participants).

Roles in a webinar

Here you will find the respective roles and authorizations in a Teams meeting:

FunctionOrganizerModerator / SpeakerParticipants
Speaking and sharing videosTick markTick markTick mark
Participate in a meeting chatTick markTick markTick mark
Release contentTick markTick mark
Privately view a PowerPoint that has been shared by another personTick markTick markTick mark
Take control of the presentation of another PowerPointTick markTick mark
Mute other participantsTick markTick mark
Prevent subscribers from setting the mute function back on themselves.Tick markTick mark
Removing participantsTick markTick mark
Enter people from the waiting areaTick markTick mark
Changing the roles of other participantsTick markTick mark
Starting or stopping the recordingTick markTick mark
Starting or stopping the live transcriptionTick markTick mark
Managing holding roomsTick mark
Changing meeting optionsTick mark
Adding or removing an appTick markTick mark
Using an app*Tick markTick markTick mark
Changing the app settingsTick markTick mark

However, the role of the speaker cannot be found there, but seems to be the same as the role of the moderator!

The organizer

The organizer can make the following settings to control the course of the meeting. In addition, the organizer relieves the respective speakers and is responsible for administrative tasks.

These options are available to the organizer before and during the meeting

The speaker / moderator

As a speaker, you are authorized for the following activities and can present them to the participants:

PowerPoint live

Presenter mode

Breakout rooms

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