How do I create group rooms in Microsoft Teams ?

Meeting organizers can create group rooms in Microsoft Teams using the desktop client. Participants can be assigned to each room via the room settings – either automatically, if things need to be done quickly, or manually, if specific groups are planned. A total of up to 50 rooms can be created.

Creation of breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams

As soon as the group rooms have been created, the corresponding window “Group rooms” appears on the right-hand side. The rooms can be managed here, e.g. individual names can be given to the different rooms, rooms can be recreated and deleted as required.

Naming of group rooms in Microsoft Teams

Moderators can then switch between the rooms in order to participate in individual sessions themselves. If participants have ended up in the wrong group room, there is always the option of adding them to other groups afterwards.

Meeting organizers can switch between breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams.

Meeting organizers have the opportunity to make announcements in all breakout rooms at the same time and to bring participants back to the main meeting at any time.

Announcements in group rooms in Microsoft Teams

At the end of the breakout sessions, the moderators will close them. All participants then automatically return to the main meeting.

Further functions such as the creation of group rooms before the meeting starts will follow in the coming year.

What do I use group rooms in Microsoft Teams for?

The group rooms function in Microsoft Teams is a practical solution for making spontaneous (or planned) meetings possible in smaller groups, effortlessly and parallel to the actual meeting. In the groups, the participants can use the usual Teams features take advantage of the virtual meetings inclusive and more interactive do. For example, while they are discussing in a group room, they can be in a virtual café in common mode, or use the Microsoft whiteboard to write down their ideas.

Whiteboard usage in breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams

All content created in the group rooms such as chat processes, whiteboards or other documents are still available and the participants can present their results directly.

Team chat from a breakout room in Microsoft Teams

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