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OneDrive is not synchronizing properly – What can I do?

If you sometimes have problems synchronizing OneDrive, we have the following solutions for you:

1. up2date

Update the OneDrive app and also your operating system (Windows or macOS) so that you get the best version.

2. less is more

To protect your computer and synchronize faster, it helps to synchronize fewer files and folders.
Only ever synchronize the folder you need

3. stop synchronization

If the synchronization does not want to continue, it can help to pause the synchronization briefly using the following options:

  1. Close and reopen OneDrive (if necessary, close using the task manager on Windows or the activity display on macOS)
  2. Pause synchronization: To do this, open OneDrive, click on Settings and select an option under “Pause synchronization”. After a short wait, click on “Continue synchronization” under Settings

Official solution help from Microsoft:

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