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Quickly create out-of-office message in Outlook

To create an out-of-office message for your account, proceed as follows. To do this, log into your Microsoft account.

1. Post online via browser (Mac, iPad or PC)

Use this link to find yourself directly in the absence settings:


Sorry, this link doesn’t work on mobile devices.

Outlook settings for automatic replies

Now activate the automatic replies and set an out-of-office message for internal and external e-mails at certain times.

Done  🙂

2. Out-of-office message via Outlook App (iPhone, Android)

On the mobile device, the automatic reply can be sent via Outlook App to be set. To do this, open the app, switch to the settings and select your account. You can then select “Automatic replies” in the account settings.

Set an out-of-office message via the Outlook app

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Published on - 19. Dec 2022
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