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Use Google Analytics and Borlabs Cookie

In this guide, we will show you how to configure Google Analytics for your WordPress site with Borlabs Cookie. The integration is then GDPR-compliant!

1. set up Google Analytics – create property

Perform the following steps to add a new property. Log in to Google Analytics with your Google account(link), click on Administration at the bottom left and create a new property!

2. data collection in Google Analytics

After creating the property, carry out the 4 stages of data collection. When all 4 steps have been entered, select WEB as the data stream. Enter the URL and the name (our example is handinhand-ibbenbueren.de in this case) and click on“Create stream“!

3. copy measurement ID

After creating the stream, do not follow the installation instructions! We only need the measurement ID for the next step. Close the installation instructions window and copy the measurement ID at the top right!

Google Analytics is already preconfigured in Borlabs. All you have to do is enter your measurement ID and Google Analytics is integrated, including IP anonymization.

In the backend in WordPress, we go to the Borlabs Cookie –> Cookies sub-item, then to the Statistics section and click on“Add new“. Then select Google Analytics and click on“Next“. Then enter the measurement ID as in the 3rd screenshot and confirm with“Save all settings“.

The result should look like this:

5. google analytics opt-out

The opt-out cookie for Google Analytics is superfluous, as the Google Analytics code is no longer loaded when opting out via Borlabs Cookie, which is why no cookie is required to tell Google Analytics not to track the visitor.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch verfügbar auf: Deutsch (German)

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